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Stars Who have No Anti-Fans

It is easy for anti-fans to show their hate with today’s technology, especially with the popularity of social networking services (SNS). Although stars would all agree that attracting anti-fans is not the best skill to have up their sleeves, there is a saying for stars who have yet to shine in the entertainment world: “Having at least anti-fans is evidence that you are being noticed.” However there are stars that earn much love while still not having any anti-fans. It is curious how these public figures can attract so many fans while keeping away the “common” anti-fans.

Actors Jang Dong Gun and MC Yoo Jae Suk are a few of the stars that fit into this category. With the appearance of a marble statue, Jang Dong Gun earns his popularity from putting his best effort into his acting rather than trying to take advantage of his good looking face. His lack of scandals and marrying the woman he’s known since 1998 (Go So Young) gave him a responsible image.

Yoo Jae Suk is famous for being Korea’s representative of having zero anti-fans. His character and skills helped him keep this spot for over 10 years. Not only do his skills on shows attract fans, but also his everyday actions as an average Korean citizen.

Aside from these two, Song Kang Ho and Hwang Jung Min are other actors who also give their best, and are known for having no anti-fans.

“4th Dimension” actresses Choi Kang Hee and Gong Hyo Jin’s lovable characters also make them immune from anti-fans’ hatred. Choi Kang Hee always gives 120% on her roles and continuously participates in community volunteering. Fans recently discovered that she was secretly helping an orphanage. Gong Hyo Jin expressed her independent and lovely charm through the drama “Best Love” as well.

A new rising star that fits into this category is Yoo Seung Ho. His fame began after the film “The Way Home” but it gradually increased as he expanded his acting career as a young adult. His “little So Ji Sub” image adds to the reason why he does not have any anti-fans, but his acting in films and dramas are the main cause for attracting fans.

Park Ha Sun, who is currently starring in “High Kick 3: The Short Legs Strike Back,” is also joining this elite group. The actress appealed with an elegant image as Queen Inhyeon in drama “Dong Yi” and was cast as a chic businesswoman in the film “The Most Beautiful Goodbye.” She is portraying her clumsy character well on “High Kick 3” with several scenes where she trips, falls, and dresses up as a silly clown.

A celebrity official stated, “There is a huge difference between being popular and having no anti-fans. Having no anti-fans whatsoever shows that fans can trust the star, rather than how well the star is known. That is why stars that continue to stay put where they are and carry on giving their best effort have a higher chance of having zero anti-fans. For example, Moon Hee Jun’s anti-fans disappeared after he came back from the military, while Ok Joo Hyun’s decreased after her appearance on “I Am A Singer.” Stars have to be especially careful in the current age with SNS being highly popular.”

Can you think of any other celebrities who can join this short list?

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Jay Park Shared a Talk About 2PM, Family and Ideal Girl Type

As reported earlier, Jay Park made an appearance on tvN “Talk Show Taxi” on November 10 and shared his thoughts about his career, family, and ideal girl type. The interview covered some touchy issues as he was questioned about 2PM, the reason he left the group, and how it felt to suddenly leave the country.

When asked if he keeps in touch with the 2PM members, he said, “No, I don’t, but I miss them.” He said Taecyeon and Nichkhun were his closest friends on the team, mainly because of their ability to speak in English. The hosts kept digging for more as they asked about his feelings right after leaving 2PM’s leader position.

“It was a situation where I just had to do what I did. Whenever I talk about this, fans hate it because some think I’m doing it just to get more publicity. But it’s really not. Honestly, I don’t care if I say it or not. It’s probably better not to because people don’t like it,” Jay Park said.

“I heard a lot of bad things back then. But because I was getting so much blame, people around me really had a tough time, especially my parents. Because their son was getting a lot of heat, they suffered a lot and that really broke my heart,” he continued.

He said he had to give up everything when he left the group and flew to Seattle, as he said, “It was almost like, ‘What do I do now? What’s going to happen to me now?’ But it was my parents that really supported me and pushed me through.” After moving to Seattle, he said he worked at a local tire shop because he didn’t want to rely on his parents financially, although it only got him about $400 a month.

The host Lee Young Ja responded in awe saying she probably wouldn’t be able to work at a tire shop after living the glamorous celebrity life for such a long time. But Jay Park seemed disagree saying, “I know I’m really blessed to be a celebrity, but I don’t really have to be a celebrity. Because popularity is fleeting, it could just disappear instantly. I’m just happy as long as the people around me are, regardless of my celebrity status.”

He was also asked about his ideal girl type. “I’m not the type that just likes girls with pretty faces, or hot bodies. I like first talking to them and see if we have good chemistry. That chemistry could come from a cute smile, beautiful eyes, good dance moves, or being nice to others, I mean, it could be anything.”

He also addressed rumors of picking Min Hyo Rin as his ideal type. “I didn’t mean to say she’s my ideal type. I was asked if I had to pick someone to star in MBC ‘We Got Married’ together, who would it be, so I just mentioned Min Hyo Rin. So I meant it in a way that I would like to know more about her…First of all, we go to the same hair shop. I saw a lot of pictures on the wall there, and her film ‘Sunny’ did really well too. I also like her smile. But I never had a chance to say hi to her even though we bumped into each other several times. I think I was a little shy, and after the word got out that I liked her, I got more embarrassed,” he said.

He wrapped up the interview saying, “I really missed Korea. I missed the people and all the fans. The fans sent me letters every single day since I left Korea. On my birthday, my fans got together to celebrate when I wasn’t even in the country. I was really thankful and that fan support really brought me back to Korea.”

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2PM Revealed Tracklist and Jacket Photos for “Republic of 2PM”

2PM has just revealed the tracklist and jacket cover for their first full-length Japanese album, “REPUBLIC OF 2PM.”

The album contains some of 2PM’s earlier releases in Japan such as “Take off,” “I’m your man,” and “Ultra Lover.” The album will also include five previously unreleased tracks including a song composed by Junsu. It will also come with Japanese versions of 2PM’s Korean hits, “I’ll be back,” “Without U,” “Heartbeat,” and “Hands Up.”

“REPUBLIC OF 2PM” will be released on November 30. The album will be available in three versions – a regular version and two limited CD+DVD versions. 2PM also recently released a new Japanese single, “Ultra Lover.” Meanwhile, the group is getting ready for the “Hands Up” tour in Malaysia and Singapore later this month.

1. I’m your man

2. Ultra Lover

3. I’ll be back -Japanese ver.-

4. Stay with me

5. Without U -Japanese ver.-

6. Crazy In Love

7. 100日記念日(100 Day Anniversary)

8. Take off

9. Hands Up -Japanese ver.-

10. 運命/Fate

11. Heartbeat -Japanese ver.-

12. 離れていても(Even When We’re Apart) (JUN.K)

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2PM’s Nickhun Cast in Japanese Movie “Ouran Host Club”

2PM member Nichkhun has been cast for a new Japanese movie.

He will star in an upcoming movie that is a rendition of popular Japanese manga “Ouran High School Host Club.” The movie is set to be released on March 17 of next year. It is expected that there will be great anticipation for his acting, as this is the first time Nichkhun is taking a shot at acting in Japan.

Nichkhun will take on the role of the CEO of a distinguished Singaporean company, starring in the movie as the older brother of Japanese girl group member AKB48’s Shinoda Mariko. It is expected that he will steal the Japanese women’s hearts with his crisp but warm demeanor in a suit.

“After seeing Nichkhun’s singing activities, we felt he has great potential as an actor. His role in this film needs to be fluent in English, always confident and professional, while being very smooth at the same time. We thought Nichkhun’s personality perfectly fit into this character so we decided to cast him,” the production crew said.

“Ouran High School Host Club” revolves around a female student who enters the club of an upper-class high school in Tokyo, disguised as a boy. It aired in Japan as a TV animation series in 2006 and a TV drama in 2011.

cr: soompi

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