Shinhwa promises fans that preparations are in progress for their comeback on March 2012

Now that five out of six members have reunited, preparations for Shinhwa‘s official comeback have kicked into high gear.

On November 18th, representatives of Shinhwa revealed to Star News“Excluding Lee Minwoo, who is currently serving in the military, the remaining five members are finally back from the army and are preparing well for their official comeback next year.”

We plan to release a brand new album in March of 2012, straight after Lee Minwoo gets discharged from the military. Shinhwa will also be holding an official celebration of their 14th debut anniversary through a special concert in Seoul on March 24th.”

With regards to the recent disputes between the members about their comeback, the representative stated, “Is it possible to have every member agree on every aspect of their comeback preparation? The members respect the differences in opinion and they’ve carefully worked on resolving each issue together as a team. Currently, there are no issues regarding the group’s comeback, and all members have nothing but motivation for their comeback preparations.”

Another representative also revealed, “The Shinhwa members have a healthy relationship with one another, and there are absolutely no problems regarding their comeback.”

Additionally, the CEO of Kim Dong Wan and Shin Hye Sung‘s agency wrote on Twitter, “When asked a question on their secrets to the group’s longevity, a member once answered that the group resolves internal problems by letting out their personal thoughts and arguing a lot.”

He continued, “I think the members will still be like that in the future. They will talk frequently, argue frequently, and forgive frequently, all the while caring for each other… They’re still the people who, after an intense discussion, one member would suddenly get up and do the ‘butt dance’ to make the other members burst into laughter and relieve the atmosphere. Shinhwa forever ^^”.

Source: Star News via Naver

cr: VITALWARNING@allkpop

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