MBLAQ is back with MV of “This Is War”

MBLAQ has returned with their 4th mini-album, “100% Ver.”, and it looks like they’re taking no prisoners this time around.

The boys have just unleashed the music video for their title track, “It’s War“, and it’s jam-packed with gritty action sequences, high tension, and intense acting from the members. Lee Joon and Thunder were spotlighted in a previous teaser, duking it out over a girl who throws herself in harm’s way to protect her lover. Now fans will get to find out the backstory and the result of the fight.

Check out their MV below!

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Seo In Young releases MV of “Oh MY Gosh”

Seo In Young is back with a delightful MV for her new song, “Oh My Gosh“.

The soloist cropped her long hair in order to show off her quirkier side, but the effect is still undeniably sexy. With her “witch staff” in tow, Seo In Young commands the stage and grabs your attention, proving once again that she’s still at the front for female soloists in the industry.

Check out her MV below!

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Son Ho Young reveals “Pretty But Hateful” MV feat. Miss A’s Suzy

Son Ho Young of legendary male group g.o.d marked his return to the music scene by releasing his MV for “Pretty But Hateful“!

With miss A‘s Suzy as the female lead, the music video expresses the story of a man left feeling hurt and betrayed after a girl he deeply loved left him. Son Ho Young was known for his strong vocals back in his g.o.d. days, and it’s clear that he’s still got the pipes to color a song with emotion.

Check out his MV below:

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TRAX releases MV for “Blind”

Rock band TRAX is back with a beautiful music video for their new song, “Blind“.

Featuring cameos from f(x)‘s Victoria and Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun, the MV delivers scenes of heartbreak along with visually-pleasing moments of Jungmo and Jay rocking out.

Check out their MV below:

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CHAOS releases debut MV for “She Is Coming”

CHAOS has finally arrived, and they’re ready to shake up the music industry with their confident sound!

On January 6th, the five-member boy group from Winning InSight Entertainment released their debut single, ‘She is Coming‘, along with the MV for their title track.

‘She Is Coming’ is colorful, loud, and has a lively big band sound that launches them far ahead of the dance-pop trend currently taking hold of the industry.

Check out their MV below, and don’t forget to support the group by purchasing their music!


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