Hyosung from girl group Secret has cut her hair for their new comeback!

TS Entertainment, the company managing Secret, is starting to rev up promotions by first releasing the leader’s photo teaser on September 3. It is included in the album jacket.

The title track of their upcoming mini-album is “Poison” and will be released on September 13. They are planning to release a photo teaser for the next couple days.

She easily captivates with her flaming red dress and sultry red lips formed in a teasing smile. Her slimmed cheeks and jawline in contrast to her voluptuous body is catching the attention of many fans.

They last released the song “Love is Move” in October of last year. This will mark their return after 12 months. “Poison” is written by hitmaker duo Kang Ji Won and Kim Ki Bum who also penned Secret’s other hits “Magic,” “Madonna,” “Shy Boy,” and “Starlight Moonlight.”

source: soompi


YG Entertainment has announced that the title of Big Bang’s leader G-Dragon’s solo album will be “Crayon” and also has released the track list of the album.
The album will be produced by Teddy and G-Dragon and will have a total of seven tracks.
The title “Crayon” comes from “Crazy + G-Dragon” and also is short for “Crazy On”.

G-Dragon has dropped the music videos for “One Of A Kind” and “That XX” but unfortunately the two tracks will not be promoted during his comeback promotion activities.
This album really makes fans unpatient since the third track, “In The End” will be featuring a member of YG upcoming girl group. But, VIPs, you have to wait untill September 15 for the online release.

source: g-dragon@ygfamily


Alert for KissMes! U-Kiss will be making a comeback with their 7th mini album, “Stop Girl”.
The album will be released by the middle of September and it looks like the music video is in progress.
We still have 10 more days to wait but for now let us check out the still photo of the music video.

source: ukisskorea@twitter


T-ara is back with their newest song, “Sexy Love” and they have released the music video of the song.
The music and the video have futuristic taste with robotic moves for the dances.
After the scandal, do you think T-ara will make it to the top with this comeback?

source: LOENENT@youtube

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