After School subunit Orange Caramel, made up of members Nana, Lizzy, and Rain, have a released another comeback teaser image and special comeback teaser video.

On September 7, Orange Caramel released the teaser image through their Google+ account, Facebook page, and SNS accounts. On September 4, Orange Caramel released their first comeback teaser images with the girls posing as dreamily sultry singers. Their comeback album entitled “Lipstick’ will be their first full-length album and released on September 12.

In the comeback teaser image and special comeback teaser video the girls are dressed completely in orange and hold ping pong paddles.

According to After School and Orange Caramel’s entertainment company Pledis Entertainment, on September 7, a special video would be released as part of promotions for their comeback.

source: soompi.com, LOENENT@youtube


Orange Caramel, a unit group made up of 3 Afterschool members, have released their comeback teaser with the image “alluring beauties.”

On September 4, Pledis Entertainment has released their image teasers and more information of their album through their homepage and social networking services. It will be their first full-length album titled “Lipstick.”

The members have upgraded their image and unified their look by incorporating black and jewelry into their outfits. They’ve kept their signature oversized ribbons, but have kept it simple with solid and non-clashing colors. Raina decided to go sultry with the red, Nana is cool with the blue and Lizzy.. what do you think Lizzy is trying to emote?

They are expanding the boundries of “Candy Culture” (a concept known as innocent, cute and lively) with the image teasers released and industry insiders are interested in how they will display via music and performance the changes noted in their images.

It’s already been a year since their last come back. They will first release the album’s tracklist on September 12.

source: soompi.com


ZE:A has dropped the music video for their comeback song, “Phoenix”.
Despite recently finishing up promotions for “Aftermath” from their Korean album “Spectacular,” they quickly make a comeback in both Korea in Japan with “Phoenix.”
Here is the official music video (Korean Version), and take a look at their dance practice for “Phoenix”.

source: XEA2011@youtube


After Hyosung’s image teaser, TS Entertainment has released the images teaser of Ji Eun, Zinger, and Sunhwa.
It is reported that the girls’ style are “based off the 1940s British ‘lady look’ and ‘espionage look’.”
‘Poison’ will release on September 13 KST.

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