Lee Hyori created a buzz with the sassy and fun “Bad Girls” music video, cementing her image as K-Pop’s resident sexy diva. This time with her latest music video release, Lee Hyori tones down her “attitude” to show a more mature and softer image, electing to sing a ballad duet titled “Amor Mio” with Park Ji Yong of Honey-G.

In the music video, Lee Hyori wears a stunning red dress that symbolizes the passionate and sad love she and Park Ji Yong sings about. With the slow-motion and wind effects, the music video is a simple but suitable companion to the ballad song.

Take a look and listen for yourself to “Amor Mio.”


source: b2ment@youtube


hyori bad girl

It might be a late post, but there was saying “better late than never”.

The queen of K-Pop, Lee Hyori has released the music video of her following track from her latest album “Monochrome”, titled “Bad Girls”.

In the music video, Lee Hyori shows she is no ordinary girl by showing a lot of attitude and sass. She sings about the appealing charms of “bad girls” who don’t shy away or pretend innocence. She seems to be playing three different roles in the music video: the woman who gave birth, the step-mom to the young girl, and the “bad girl” that the young girl grows up to be.

The music video also features Leessang‘s Gil and model/entertainer Jang Yoon Joo.

Check out the music video here.

And here is the dance version, with the never-before-seen cuts!


source: b2ment@youtube




MBLAQ is getting ready for their June comeback and released their first set of individual teasers through their official J. Tune Camp Facebook.

Similar to their first teaser, the the member photos follow the ultraviolet color themed. They are splattered with paint and highlight their hair with bright colors. some of the members, like Seungho, are hardly recognizable in the dark yet bright images. Looks like fans will have to wait a little bit more to see what kind of style changes the members made for their comeback.

Smokey Girl” will be the main track from for their fifth mini album “Sexy Beat.” The song is said to have a sexy choreography. The teaser photos also marked D-7, so hopefully we can expect more teasers this week before their highly anticipated comeback.

source: jtunecamp@facebook



With Rainbow‘s new mini album “Rainbow Syndrome-Part 2” set for release next week,  they have now revealed their first music video teaser for”Sunshine.”

The girls are continuing with a bright and colorful concept to match with the summer season.

Previously, the girls gained a lot of popularity with their energetic and lovely song “Tell Me Tell Me” in February.


source: OfficialTheRainbow@youtube



Some fans might have been confused by the big contrast between the group’s image and video teasers for “Wolf” from its upcoming debut album “XOXO (Kiss&Hug).

The latest video teaser combines both elements by showing the boys with wolf-like tendencies attending a local high school. Several scenes hint of a dramatic storyline where friendships are strained, boys being chased and fightings galore.

In a statement before the release of the teaser, a representative from SM Entertainment said, “’Wolf’ is a dance song that harmonizes dubstep and hip-hop, creating a powerful beat. The song will be suggestive of a fairy tale and present a new charm.”

Check out the music video teaser below!

Korean Version

Chinese Version

source: SMTOWN@youtube



Lee Kwang Soo goes against his “traitor” image on SBS’s “Running Man” and shows uncharacteristic loyalty by making a surprise appearance in Byul’s music video, the wife of his good friend Haha.

The teaser for Byul’s track “You Are the Best” was released on May 28. It starts off with Kwang Soo freaking out after seeing a cartoonish figure. The said figure travels to various locations in Korea and promotes the song’s official release date, which is on May 31. He later reveals his true identity.

Bloggers, an you guess who he could be before watching the teaser?


source: LOENENT@youtube



Sweet boy group Boyfriend has released the music video for their latest single, “On & On.” Produced by Sweet Tune, “On & On” is about how longing can be painful to some but welcomed by others. The message of the song is enhanced by Boyfriend’s warm and innocent image.

The music video was shot entirely in Japan and is easy to watch, without sensational or provocative imges. The music video can be seen as a “music tour” to look back at Boyfriend’s two-year career since they debuted in 2013 and advanced forward without any rest.

Check out the music video below.


source: starshipTV@youtube



CL of 2NE1 has released the music video for her first solo single, “The Baddest Female.”

The song is written, composed, and arranged by Teddy and CL also contributed to the lyrics. According to YG Entertainment, the slow BPM 70 beat of the song is accented with dubstep, creating a powerful song that “will bring everyone to an unexpected hip-hop world.” “The Baddest Female” portrays CL’s unique color and style, apart from 2NE1.

YG Entertainment also added, “You will be able to understand the meaning of what CL has been describing as “bad” for years when the beat stops after you have been mesmerized by CL’s rapping.” The agency continued, “Please pay attention to whether she is simply talking about bad girls or if she is talking about transformed women in a changed society.”

CL is also said to have changed outfits 15 times for the music video.

Check out the music video here:


source: 2ne1@youtube, ygfamily.com

CL (of 2NE1) – The Baddest Female (나쁜 기지배)

Boyfriend – On & On

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