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Rejoice, Shinhwa Changjo! Shinhwa Company has just updated its website with the track list and the releasing date of Shinhwa’s upcoming album. In the recent released picture, the title song of “The Classic” will be “This Love”.

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“The Classic” will contain ten songs, and some of them are composed by Shinhwa’s member, Lee Minwoo. The title track, “This Love” are composed by Andrew Jackson, who also worked for Shinhwa’s Venus.

Shinhwa’s eleventh album will be available for sale tomorrow on May 8. Are you ready, Shinhwa Changjo?


Shinhwa Changjo, are you ready to attend Shinhwa’s 2013 tour?




South Korea’s lengendary, longest-running idol group, Shinhwa is preparing a comeback. Shinhwa will be returning to music stage in May with their eleventh album titled “The Classic”. Shinhwa Company stated that all the members aimed to create the best album they ever had.

Shinhwa started filming a music video May 1. It is reported that the members are working hard to show news sides of themselves in the music video.

Shinhwa will also be going on a Asia tour with this new album starting June and lasting till August.  They will be holding concerts in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taiwan, Japan, Beijing, and Seoul.

Concert dates are: June 8 in Hong Kong, June 22 in Shanghai, July 6-7 in Taipei, July 13-15 in Tokyo, July 20 in Beijing, and August 3-4 in Seoul.



Recently on April 26, group Shinhwa’s representative announced to “X Sports News” on the phone, “Shinhwa finished filming ‘Radio Star’ on April 24. The shooting of this show was scheduled to coincide with Shinhwa’s comeback.” Shinhwa plans to release their official 11th album next month.    

This is not Shinhwa’s first time on “Radio Star” as the members have appeared on this show in March of last year. At the time, they were able to promote their 10thalbum on the show.  In the past on various programs, Shinhwa’s members have shown their amazing sense of humor. Therefore, fans are very much looking forward to watching this upcoming episode of “Radio Star,” which will be aired sometime in May.



Shinhwa Changjo, good news is here!The longest-running idol group, Shinhwa is preparing a comeback. But before they rule the music stage, Shinhwa will be hosting “SNL Korea”. Different broadcast representatives stated that Shinhwa is chosen as the main host for the May 4 show of “SNL Korea”.

One broadcast representative stated, “It will be an awesome broadcast because Shinhwa has had a lot of experience in the entertainment industry, they are talented, and are adept at making laughter. Starting from next week, certain portions will be filmed for the show.” Many are now anticipating that Shinhwa will be able to show off their unique humor, because “SNL Korea” is an adult-oriented comedy show.

Around the beginning of May, Shinhwa will release their 11th official album. Starting in June, Shinhwa will begin their Asian tour beginning in June. The Asian tour will go through countries such as China, Hong Kong, and Japan. 



YG Entertainment releases a mysterious teaser titled “Who’s Next” on its official website.

On May 6 the agency uploaded an image on its website that had the words “Who’s Next?” and the date of May 28. Also on the image were the names of some YG artists such as PSY, Gummy, Epik High, and members from Big Bang and 2NE1.

Looks like YG has chosen their next artist to promote after PSY’s “Gentleman.”

As we all know, Big Bang’s schedule is already packed with their world tour coming up. 2NE1 is supposed to hold a comeback soon. And there are rumors that there will be a solo activity from Big Bang’s member. And don’t forget YG’s new girl group.

A representative of YG Entertainment said, “The YG artists have been preparing for a new album for some time and will start their promotions on May 28. It is expected that we will release teasers little by little before the date.”

So, what is in your mind right now? Do you think it will be a comeback from YG’s current artists? Or could it be a hot debut?


source: YG official website


Actor Yoo Ah In, currently playing King Sukjong in the drama “Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love,” shed his royal robes to pose for the summer fashion spread of the clothing line, “The Class.” The fashion spread was shot with a “You Are In” concept, a play on its model’s name.

A representative of the clothing line stated, “Actor Yoo Ah In portrayed well the ideal ‘Super Rookie’ look ‘The Class’ wants to promote with his active and freestyle poses.”YOO AH IN 4 YOO AH IN 3 YOO AH IN 2

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