Hot group B.A.P has released the full music video for “Coffee Shop,” one of three title tracks for their upcoming third mini album.

The title track “Coffee Shop” marks an image transformation for the usually powerful group by promoting a softer, moody, and relaxed song. “Coffee Shop” is a jazzy song fit for a cafe atmosphere that features famous jazz pianist Song Young Joo. The song is about thinking back at the memories of a past girlfriend.

The music video features the members of B.A.P looking pensive and nostalgic as they wander through the cities of Los Angeles, New York City, Washington, D.C., and San Francisco. The music video is directed by Hong Won Ki of Zanybros who also directed B.A.P’s previous blockbuster-level music videos and that of Girls’ GenerationSeo Tae Ji , and BEAST.


source: TSENT2008@youtube



4minute has released the music video for their latest single, “Is It Poppin’?

The new single is a catchy hip-hop dance song with a popping melody line. It is composed and written by Brave Brothers who also worked with 4minute for the group’s previous mini-album title song, “What’s Your Name?“ “What’s Your Name?” turned out to be a quiet but powerful digital single hit, increasing the anticipation for the group’s latest track.

The music video is set at a nighttime party and shows the members having fun under the water sprinkler rain. Yes, it’s poppin’!


source: 4minuteofficial@youtube


xia 11am

Before releasing the 2nd full-length album, the special clip teaser of XIA(Junsu)’s new song ’11am’ is released today.
The video shows gloomy and emotional concept. The song itself sounds sad with ballad music.
The whole video clip will be released on July 2nd, 12PM!


source: LOENENT@youtube


hjl 2

As we all know, during his solo activities, Hallyu Prince Kim Hyun Joong has been showing his masculine and tough side. This time, he is giving an adorable fan service to his fans by showing the other attractiveness of his.

The leader of SS501 released a video of himself lip-syncing and dancing to kwiyomi song. It is a simple video, only Kim Hyun Joong and some of his friends in a coffee shop, playing around and of course, acting cute. At the end of the video, he watched the recording by himself while drinking a can of beer.

So, can you stand this real cuteness overload Kim Hyun Joong?


source: kimhyunjoong606@youtube

Taecyeon (of 2PM) – Traicion

Junho (of 2PM) – I’m In Love

Wooyoung (of 2PM) – This Is Love

Chansung (of 2PM) – Perfume (향수)

Nichkhun (of 2PM) – Let It Rain

Lee Soo Young – Will It Reach You (닿을 수 있나요) Jang Ok Jung Live For Love OST

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