On July 16, Vogue magazine tweeted three different cover photos that feature G-Dragon for their 17 year anniversary.

The first cover photo features G-Dragon with top model Soo Joo, who are both topless and blonde. Soo Joo hugs G-Dragon from behind as both display their lean bodies and chic expressions. With the same blonde hair and smokey makeup, the two almost look like twins.


The second cover photo contains G-Dragon with model Kim Sung Hee. G-Dragon sports a unique hippy look, giving him an edgy and free-spirited atmosphere. G-Dragon also didn’t fail to deliver his charismatic eyes.


The last cover photo expressed a more modern feel. G-Dragon poses with model Park Ji Hye for a black and red concept. The two models stick closely together with G-Dragon cupping Park Ji Hye’s face for an intimate and fierce pose.


Meanwhile, G-Dragon is preparing for his second official album, which will be dropped on August 14. He will be writing, composing and producing the entire album on his own and America’s famous hip-hop artist Missy Elliot will be featured in one of his tracks as well.



Suzy transformed into a fashionable parisienne for a recent photo shoot.

Suzy displayed her elegant and alluring charms for a photo shoot that took place in Paris for “Bazaar” magazine.

Photo shoot sources stated, “Suzy is a normal and laidback girl but once the shoot starts, she shows an amazing acting skill and level of concentration to portray a feminine and mature atmosphere. It impressed all of the staff on the set.”

Suzy also talked about her recently ended MBC drama, “Gu Family Book” in the interview. She said, “The director didn’t ask many things from me but told me to do whatever I wanted. I think I can give off something more when I feel more free.”

Meanwhile, Suzy will appear as the youngest guest on “Healing Camp“s history on July 22. She stated, “I am only 20 years old but there are parts of my life that no one else knows and I think some people may want to hear about it.”

Check out Suzy’s beautiful photos below!


bazaar-suzy-1 bazaar-suzy bazaar-suzy-2 bazaar-suzy-3



B1A4 became denim models for a recent photo shoot for GQ Korea as they posed and held interviews before their standalone concert “Amazing Store” in August.

The B1A4 members exhibited great ambitions in many different fields. Leader Jinyoung commented, “Doing a lot of different things is a lot of fun. It’s fun to learn new things one by one.”

Baro, who originally dreamed of becoming an actor since high school, is currently filming “Answer Me 1994.”

Sandeul, who is currently taking up guitar lessons, commented how he wants to become a person who can comfort others through music.

Gongchan commented, “Being busy is more fun than resting. When we don’t have activities, I feel empty,” whileShinwoo said, “I think I’m at the age where I have the most passion.”

B1A4′s GQ Korea photo shoot can be found in the August issue.


GQ-b1a4-1 GQ-b1a4-2 GQ-b1a4-3



Kim Hyun Joong, who has recently come back with a new single, “Unbreakable,” has shown his strong charisma for a recent @star1 photo shoot.

This photo shoot took place in early July where Kim Hyun Joong displayed his casual yet chic and masculine beauty.

With Kim Hyun Joong’s great body line, his short hairstyle and a variety of casual yet manly outfits, he was able to create a rugged and dramatic atmosphere for the photo shoot.

It is reported that staff members were awed at Kim Hyun Joong’s professionalism. Sources commented, “Although the weather was bad and it was raining, Kim Hyun Joong focused on bringing each cut into life.”

Kim Hyun Joong’s @star1 photo shoot will be available through the August edition.

Check out the photos below! Also, check out the BTS video clip of this photo shoot on the way bottom!


at-star-1-kim-hyun-joong-2 at-star-1-kim-hyun-joong-1 at-star-1-kim-hyun-joong-4 at-star-1-kim-hyun-joong-5 at-star-1-kim-hyun-joong-6 at-star-1-kim-hyun-joong-7 at-star-1-kim-hyun-joong-8 source: atstar11@youtube



f(x) first excited fans with their announcement on July 17 that they will be coming back with their second full-length album “Pink Tape,” and now they have unveiled that the title track will be “Rum Pum Pum Pum” or “첫 사랑니 (First Wisdom Tooth)” in Korean.

“Rum Pum Pum Pum” will be a pop dance track with an addictive guitar sound and percussion rhythm. The beat of the track will be emphasized with a marching band sound that goes along with the lyrics “rum pum pum pum” in the song.

The lyrics of the song will compare first love to the wisdom tooth, with true first love arriving belatedly like the wisdom tooth that comes out last, pushing aside other teeth.

f(x) will hold their first comeback stage on Mnet’s “M!Countdown” on July 25. “Pink Tape” will be available offline and online  July 29.





Finally! BEAST has released the music video for their title track, “Shadow,” from their latest album “Hard to Love, How to Love.”

“Shadow” is a dance track composed by member Yong Jun Hyung. The music video creates a dark, eerie, and serious mood of the song despite its fast beat, with images of skulls, spiders, and a strange man covered in body paint.


source: beastofficial@youtube

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