Idol stars have been tapped to voice for animated characters once again. According to reports in local news agencies, 2AM‘s Jinwoon and Kara’s Han Seung Yeonprovided for voices of the lead characters of the film “Epic: The Legend of the Forest” for its Korean release.

“I was very happy to receive the news being cast for this film,” Han Seung Yeon said at the film’s showcase in CGV Cinema located in Apgujeong, Seoul on July 2. “I was especially happy to know that I am cast alongside 2AM’s Jung Jinwoon, as he is a real-life close friend with our group member Nicole. We are all friends with him and treat him like a brother.”

She continued, “When we were dubbing, we listened to each other. I thought that Jinwoon gave the character personality that is different from the Jinwoon that I know. I was surprised.”

Jinwoon, for his part, said, “It’s the same experience for me. I thought that Han Seung Yeon noona was really good because I had to remind myself to that it is she who is speaking when I watch the character.”

In “Epic,” Han Seung Yeon voices the lead character M.K., originally done byAmanda Seyfried. Jinwoon, meanwhile, takes over from Josh Hutcherson for the character Nod. The film follows M.K.’s adventures after she has been transported to a deep forest.


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Girls’ Generation‘s Yuri and YoonA radiated their beauty for the latest edition of “High Cut.”

The two beautiful ladies modeled various jewelry pieces from the Bvlagari B.zero1 collection for the photo shoot and displayed each of their various charms.

Following the photo shoot, Yuri and YoonA sat down for an interview. Yuri talked about her upcoming film, “No Breathing” and said, “I bought a guitar and had for about a year and a half without playing it. But there’s a scene where I play the guitar and sing in the movie so I’m practicing a lot these days.”

Yuri also talked about ceremonial pitching and whether she will take it up again. “It’s no fun to do the same things again so I will look up some different pitching methods and if I find something, I’ll think about it.”

YoonA said that her main priority these days is to recover her health. About picking a new project, YoonA said, “I’ve played a lot of Cinderella roles up till now but I am waiting for a unique role like ‘My Sassy Girl.’”

The two stars also shared, “These days, we started an ugly selfie battle in our Girls’ Generation group chatting room and the competition is fierce,” and “Sooyoung andHyoyeon are the top contenders while Yuri and YoonA are in the higher ranks. Tiffany and Seohyun try but they just can’t take good ugly photos.”

Yuri and YoonA’s photo shoot will be released through the July 4 edition of “High Cut.”

070313-high-cut-yuri-yoona-3 070313-high-cut-yuri-yoona-1 070313-high-cut-yuri-yoona 070313-high-cut-yuri-yoona-2

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song ji hyo

Actress Song Ji Hyo was featured in Benefit Cosmetics’ newest “Stay Flawless” photo-shoot, according to Sports World. She showed off her smooth, perfect skin. Instead of the usual thick foundation that celebrities wear, she had clear and clean skin. She introduced her favorite products- what she calls “the secret weapon to flawless skin.”

For the July photo-shoot, Song Ji Hyo posed with products one by one, showing off the “Stay Flawless” line. A few products included a smoothing primer to prepare the face for makeup application, along with foundation makeup.

One product that Song Ji Hyo always uses is the “Actress Pact” from the “Hello Flawless” line. She claims it not only retains the moisture in her skin, but also naturally covers problem areas when used on top of “Stay Flawless.” She also mentioned that the coral blush from Benefit’s Cha Cha tint can be applied on the cheeks or the lips to add some color.

benefit 6 benefit 5 benefit 4 benefit 3 benefit 2 benefit 1



Infinite is back! Shortly after unveiling a new logo, the boys have unleashed a teaser for their upcoming comeback titled “Destiny.”

It’s a complete turnaround of that gentle image fans saw in “Man in Love” as Infinite goes for a darker look that was last seen in “The Chaser” and “Paradise.”

As promised, the group has revealed snippets of a blockbuster music video that cost 10 billion won (around 900,000 USD) to produce. The boys traveled to America for 10 days and shot in various locations in California and Las Vegas.

“Destiny” is set to drop on July 16. As the boys prepare for their comeback, they are also gearing up for their first world tour, “One Great Step.”

Are you excited for Infinite’s comeback? Check out the teaser here!


source: wooliment@youtube



Solo artist John Park has released a music video teaser for the title song, “Baby,” from his upcoming album, “Inner Child.”

The teaser seems to portray the magnetism one feels when interested in a potential girlfriend or boyfriend, with John Park attracting things throughout his environment after his encounter with a pretty girl in an elevator.

John Park will be releasing his first full-length album, “Inner Child,” on July 3, sixteen months after his first EP, “Knock.” “Inner Child” contains eleven tracks, and is produced by John Park himself.  Five of the eleven tracks is also written and composed by John Park, making him a certified singer-songwriter.

source: LOENENT@youtube


2ne1 falling in love title

It is time for Blackjacks to fall in love (again) with 2NE1 for the idol group is gearing up for their comeback.

Through YG Entertaintment’s official twitter, it was revealed that the title song will be “Falling In Love”. The teaser image shows the four 2NE1 members dressed in summer outfits with various funky prints, standing against a shoreline, looking bright and cheerful. Similar to yesterday’s teaser image, the photo also announces the dates of 2NE1′s planned “Inkigayo” comeback as July 7 and their new single release on July 8, or midnight on July 7.

2NE1 will be releasing a new track every month until October of this year, which totals up to 4 tracks. “Falling in Love” is reported to be a fun, summer track, and its music video is all filmed and ready to be released to the delight of many fans.

So, Blackjacks all around the world, are you ready to be falling in love with 2NE1?

2ne1 falling in love 1 2ne1 falling in love

source: ygent_official@twitter, krungy21@twitter

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