nfinite is keeping fans on their toes for their upcoming single, “Destiny!” After unveiling the tracklist and a MV making teaser, the boys have released an audio preview of the entire album single.

The title track, “Destiny,” is an upbeat track that’s sure to remind fans of Infinite’s popular hits like “Be Mine” and “The Chaser.” “Inception” and “I’m Going to You” are mid-tempo tracks while “Mom” is a ballad track that is sure to move fans.

“Destiny” is scheduled to drop on July 16. Listen to the preview below!


source: wooliment@youtube



New girl group BESTie makes their official debut with the music video release for their first digital single, “Pitapat,” through the official Loen Entertainment YouTube channel.

While BESTie may be a new group, three of their members are definitely not rookies. HaeryungYuji, and Hyeyeon (who went by the stage name Dami) are former members of the girl group EXID. Early last year the girls left EXID for personal reasons and Haeryung has been making her name as an actress in the drama “Nine.”

The video also features comedian Yoo Se Yoon and a brief appearance by Jo Kwon of 2AM.

According to the Loen Music, “With the flashy rhythm and impressive melody, the debut song ‘Pitapat’ was made by the hit-song composer Super Changddai who had made ‘I Hate You‘(2PM), ‘Sad Song‘(Baek Ah-yeon), ‘It Hurts‘(Huh Gak), ‘Torn Heart(Ivy), etc. Will Simms and Tom Havelock who made ‘I Got A Boy‘(SNSD) produced the song. As the title ‘Pitapat’ says, the lyrics describe well how one’s heart goes pit-a-pat towards love.”


source: LOENENT@youtube



Rising K-Pop diva Ailee has unleashed the music video for “U&I,”  the title song from her second mini album, “A’s Doll House.”

The mini album contains six tracks: “U&I,” “No No No,” “Rainy Day,” “I’ll Be Ok,” “Relationship Rumor,” and “How Could This Happen?” Ailee covers a range of genres in the album, from punk, pop, contemporary R&B,  slow tempo R&B,  and hybrid soul.

“U&I” is composed and written by Shinsadong Tiger and Kupa, and emphasizes Ailee’s power house vocals through a funky rhythm and strong brass intrumental.


source: YMCent@youtube



Girl group Stellar has made their comeback after being gone for more than a year with the release of their “Study” music video through the official CJ E&M YouTube channel.

“Study” is the title song of their latest digital album. The song is a bouncy retro pop song about how a girl opens up her heart to a man. The song was produced bySweet Tune,who also composed Infinite‘s “Be Mine” and “Chaser,” as well as Kara‘s “Jumping” and “Lupin.”

The choreography is produced by Yama & HotChicks, who worked with Kara on “Mister,” famous for the butt dance, and Girl’s Day‘s “Expectations” with its suspenders dance.


source: CJENMUSIC@youtube



Song Joong Ki and Ha Yeon Soo are garnering attention for their recent couple photo shoot, according to World Daily.

They were featured in Samsonite Red’s latest photo shoot for the Fall and Winter season. Samsonite is a bag company that focuses on luggage such as suitcases, travel bags, and backpacks.

Although the weather was extremely hot, Song Joong Ki and Ha Yeon Soo showed no signs of fatigue or exhaustion. They acted in the scene of two young lovers on a romantic date, and had big, bright smiles. They had worked together previously for a TV commercial earlier in the year, so they already knew each other. During breaks, the two stars were seen talking together like they were close.

There are even rumors that many female staff members filled the studio with the sounds of sighs as the date scene was shot.

In other news, the pictures from Song Joong Ki and Ha Yeon Soo’s shoot will be revealed at the end of July on Samsonite’s Facebook and homepages. The products will be available for purchase during the middle of August.



teen top

Lets take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

Teen Top celebrated its three year anniversary by releasing never before scenes from the debut track “Clap” on July 10 titled as “Come into the World: Clap Encore.”  Many fans who have followed them since the beginning will be able to reminisce the older days and newer fans can appreciate a “new” side to the boys.

The powerful dance song incorporates strong clap sounds with a synthesizer beat, which shows how the boys were able to make an impressionable debut.

A representative from the group’s agency stated, “There were inquiries about re-releasing ‘Clap’ for some time and we decided to have it released again as Teen Top’s third year anniversary event and to thank the fans for their love. Hope it becomes a special present [for the fans].”

So, what are you waiting for? Check out the music video below if you haven’t already!


source: teenzontop@youtube

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