Suzy transformed into a fashionable parisienne for a recent photo shoot.

Suzy displayed her elegant and alluring charms for a photo shoot that took place in Paris for “Bazaar” magazine.

Photo shoot sources stated, “Suzy is a normal and laidback girl but once the shoot starts, she shows an amazing acting skill and level of concentration to portray a feminine and mature atmosphere. It impressed all of the staff on the set.”

Suzy also talked about her recently ended MBC drama, “Gu Family Book” in the interview. She said, “The director didn’t ask many things from me but told me to do whatever I wanted. I think I can give off something more when I feel more free.”

Meanwhile, Suzy will appear as the youngest guest on “Healing Camp“s history on July 22. She stated, “I am only 20 years old but there are parts of my life that no one else knows and I think some people may want to hear about it.”

Check out Suzy’s beautiful photos below!


bazaar-suzy-1 bazaar-suzy bazaar-suzy-2 bazaar-suzy-3



B1A4 became denim models for a recent photo shoot for GQ Korea as they posed and held interviews before their standalone concert “Amazing Store” in August.

The B1A4 members exhibited great ambitions in many different fields. Leader Jinyoung commented, “Doing a lot of different things is a lot of fun. It’s fun to learn new things one by one.”

Baro, who originally dreamed of becoming an actor since high school, is currently filming “Answer Me 1994.”

Sandeul, who is currently taking up guitar lessons, commented how he wants to become a person who can comfort others through music.

Gongchan commented, “Being busy is more fun than resting. When we don’t have activities, I feel empty,” whileShinwoo said, “I think I’m at the age where I have the most passion.”

B1A4′s GQ Korea photo shoot can be found in the August issue.


GQ-b1a4-1 GQ-b1a4-2 GQ-b1a4-3



2NE1 member and solo artist CL appeared in photo shoot and interview for the July issue of “GQ Korea” and gave an in-depth look into her thoughts about the music industry, prejudices that Asian women face, and the difference between her stage persona “CL” and her real self “Chaelin.”

CL’s photo shoot was a raw and unadulterated look at the idol star.  In a set of photographs, CL drinks a cup of soda and spills it down the front of her white tank top.  CL  suggested the concept and saying that she thought images of a liquid spilling down her front would be aesthetically interesting.  In another set of photographs, CL appears stripped down and bare in keeping with the interview which revealed the idol’s unfiltered thoughts on various questions.

You’ve read what she said in the interview.  Check out the photos below.


CL_GQ-4_7.2013 CL_GQ-5_7.2013 CL_GQ-2_7.2013 CL_GQ_7.2013 CL_GQ-3_7.2013 CL_GQ-6_7.2013



goo hara

KARA‘s Hara showed that she can play the part of both an angel and a vixen in a stunning pictorial for ‘Cosmopolitan‘.

Hara put fans in a trance with a photoshoot themed after the movie ‘Black Swan’. Like the movie, Hara takes on a dark look as well as a pure look in her open-back, black dress as well as a simple, white cover-up.

Which look do you prefer on Hara?

KARA-Hara_1374028337_af_org Hara_1374028536_20130617_Hara_2



“Cold Eyes” star Jung Woo Sung appears in a photo shoot and interview for the July issue of men’s style magazine “L’Officiel Hommes.”  The photo shoot features a summer theme with Jung Woo Sung pouring on the charm and sweat.  In one of the photographs, Jung Woo Sung levels a smouldering gaze at the cameras while chomping down a delectable piece of watermelon.  In another, Jung Woo Sung shows off a sunny smile while still holding onto his watermelon.  The photo shoot made the most of Jung Woo Sung’s floppy-haired good looks and soulful eyes.

jungwoosung_7.2013 jungwoosung-2_7.2013 jungwoosung-3_7.2013 jungwoosung-4_7.2013 jungwoosung-5_7.2013

source: soompi



Song Joong Ki and Ha Yeon Soo are garnering attention for their recent couple photo shoot, according to World Daily.

They were featured in Samsonite Red’s latest photo shoot for the Fall and Winter season. Samsonite is a bag company that focuses on luggage such as suitcases, travel bags, and backpacks.

Although the weather was extremely hot, Song Joong Ki and Ha Yeon Soo showed no signs of fatigue or exhaustion. They acted in the scene of two young lovers on a romantic date, and had big, bright smiles. They had worked together previously for a TV commercial earlier in the year, so they already knew each other. During breaks, the two stars were seen talking together like they were close.

There are even rumors that many female staff members filled the studio with the sounds of sighs as the date scene was shot.

In other news, the pictures from Song Joong Ki and Ha Yeon Soo’s shoot will be revealed at the end of July on Samsonite’s Facebook and homepages. The products will be available for purchase during the middle of August.




Girls’ Generation showed off their kissable lips in a bright and colorful pictorial for the magazine “Campus 10.”

“Campus 10″ celebrated their first year anniversary with a July and August issue of the magazine featuring the members of the popular girl group. The members had individual photos and promoted the watch brand “Baby G” with a kiss-themed pictorial. The girls put focus on their bright pink lips and even had kisses stamped on their cheeks and hands.

“Campus 10″ also released a promotional video through their YouTube channel starring the very kissable Girls’ Generation members.

source: CAMPUS10magazine@youtube




Girls’ Generation‘s Yuri and YoonA radiated their beauty for the latest edition of “High Cut.”

The two beautiful ladies modeled various jewelry pieces from the Bvlagari B.zero1 collection for the photo shoot and displayed each of their various charms.

Following the photo shoot, Yuri and YoonA sat down for an interview. Yuri talked about her upcoming film, “No Breathing” and said, “I bought a guitar and had for about a year and a half without playing it. But there’s a scene where I play the guitar and sing in the movie so I’m practicing a lot these days.”

Yuri also talked about ceremonial pitching and whether she will take it up again. “It’s no fun to do the same things again so I will look up some different pitching methods and if I find something, I’ll think about it.”

YoonA said that her main priority these days is to recover her health. About picking a new project, YoonA said, “I’ve played a lot of Cinderella roles up till now but I am waiting for a unique role like ‘My Sassy Girl.’”

The two stars also shared, “These days, we started an ugly selfie battle in our Girls’ Generation group chatting room and the competition is fierce,” and “Sooyoung andHyoyeon are the top contenders while Yuri and YoonA are in the higher ranks. Tiffany and Seohyun try but they just can’t take good ugly photos.”

Yuri and YoonA’s photo shoot will be released through the July 4 edition of “High Cut.”

070313-high-cut-yuri-yoona-3 070313-high-cut-yuri-yoona-1 070313-high-cut-yuri-yoona 070313-high-cut-yuri-yoona-2

soutce: soompi


Actor Yoo Ah In, currently playing King Sukjong in the drama “Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love,” shed his royal robes to pose for the summer fashion spread of the clothing line, “The Class.” The fashion spread was shot with a “You Are In” concept, a play on its model’s name.

A representative of the clothing line stated, “Actor Yoo Ah In portrayed well the ideal ‘Super Rookie’ look ‘The Class’ wants to promote with his active and freestyle poses.”YOO AH IN 4 YOO AH IN 3 YOO AH IN 2


Photos from Jo In Sung and Han Hyo Joo‘s CF shoot have been circulating forums online.

In online communities, the photos have been circulated in the topic title, “Jo In Sung and Han Hyo Joo in the Himalayas for ‘Black Yak‘ Camping CF: Behind-the-scenes cuts.” Some of the photos feature Han Hyo Joo makes an adorable face while wrapped in a sleeping bag, Jo In Sung and Han Hyo Joo jamming by the river and enjoying a meal cooked in the great outdoors.

In the photos, Jo In Sung and Han Hyo Joo are all smiles as main models for ‘Black Yak’ camping goods brand. The photos are from the 7th CF the pair have worked on together for “Black Yak”. hanhyojoo_Joinsung JIS HHJ 1

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