f(x) first excited fans with their announcement on July 17 that they will be coming back with their second full-length album “Pink Tape,” and now they have unveiled that the title track will be “Rum Pum Pum Pum” or “첫 사랑니 (First Wisdom Tooth)” in Korean.

“Rum Pum Pum Pum” will be a pop dance track with an addictive guitar sound and percussion rhythm. The beat of the track will be emphasized with a marching band sound that goes along with the lyrics “rum pum pum pum” in the song.

The lyrics of the song will compare first love to the wisdom tooth, with true first love arriving belatedly like the wisdom tooth that comes out last, pushing aside other teeth.

f(x) will hold their first comeback stage on Mnet’s “M!Countdown” on July 25. “Pink Tape” will be available offline and online  July 29.





f(x) is finally making a comeback! After keeping fans waiting, the girls are set to release their second full-length album this July.

Along with the announcement, SM Entertainment released an art film featuring the members. The video starts off with an English narration from Krystal and shows scenes of the girls in beautifully shot art scenes with a mid-tempo track playing in the background. Krystal is also sporting a bright red hairdo while Amber went blonde!

Meanwhile, check out the art film here.


And here are new teaser images of “Pink Tape”. The teaser images continue the surreal and dreamy concept of the new album, with the muted colors and decontextualized phrases. But personally, I can’t understand what’s the meaning of the lines.





Pink Tape” is set to be released on July 29.


source: SMTOWN@youtube



nfinite is keeping fans on their toes for their upcoming single, “Destiny!” After unveiling the tracklist and a MV making teaser, the boys have released an audio preview of the entire album single.

The title track, “Destiny,” is an upbeat track that’s sure to remind fans of Infinite’s popular hits like “Be Mine” and “The Chaser.” “Inception” and “I’m Going to You” are mid-tempo tracks while “Mom” is a ballad track that is sure to move fans.

“Destiny” is scheduled to drop on July 16. Listen to the preview below!


source: wooliment@youtube



Henecians and Triple S, rejoice!

Kim Hyun Joong will be making a comeback later this month with his third mini album “Round 3.” A teaser was released to the joy of fans, teasing them with his muscular back.

On July 8, his agency stated, “Kim Hyun Joong will release all the tracks on the album on July 22 and will actively promote.” The last time he promoted was in October 2011 with his second mini album “Lucky.”

The official continued, “Just as how it’s been a while since he promoted within Korea, he will show the fans improved music through maturing in his skill.”

There will be six tracks in total and the title track, “Your Story,” is a remake of the title track of the same name from his Japanese studio album “Unlimited,” which was released last year. Originally written as a modern rock track, the song has been rearranged to emit the emotions of the R&B genre.

He is currently hard at work finishing up his album preparations.




R&B Vocalist Jungyeob released the video teaser for his upcoming digital single, “Scent That Brings Love” through the official CJ E&M YouTube channel.

Jungyeob is debuted in 2003 as a member of “Brown Eyed Soul.” For this solo single, the video teaser shows pop-up book art to tell a sweet love story. The music is mostly acoustic and it isn’t until the end when Jungyeob’s voce can be heard singing, “I can see you far away.”

A representative of his agency said, “This single is a project between Jungyeob and the beer brand Hoegaarden called ‘Real Love Song Project’. The song will depict real love stories with the lyrics written by Jungyeob.”

“Scent That Brings Love” and the music video will be released on July 8.


source: CJENMUSIC@youtube



Boy group A-JAX heralds their return to the music scene after seven months with the release of the music video teaser for “Insane,” the title song off their second mini album.

The music video features label-mates Rainbow‘s Jaekyung and Hyun Young, who have transformed into sexy nurses. In the music video, A-JAX member Seung Yub imagines the two ladies as his nurses in a psychiatric hospital, expressing the title of the group’s song literally.


source: dspAJAX@youtube



Duo Geeks Released a video teaser for their upcoming single “Fly” through the official Loen Entertainment YouTube channel.

The video teaser starts off with an upbeat acoustic background and shows fans of Geek screaming with their hands reaching out. Crowds of their fans all reach upwards whether in front of a school or even in the pouring rain. The video ends with the two members, Louie and Lil Boi running and jumping freely on a bridge. The video ends with the words, “I just need tour love. All I need is you.”

“Fly” and the full music video will be released on July 10.

source: LOENENT@youtube



JYJ member Junsu (XIA) has released the music video teaser for “Incredible,” the title song off his second solo album of the same name.

“Incredible” is a dance track, perfect for the club, and highlights Junsu’s trademark husky and powerful voice, as well as his dance moves. The song is composed byAutomatic, who previously worked with Junsu. The music video teaser is colorful, featuring the singer and dancers in a summer party atmosphere and high energy.


source: CJESJYJ@youtube



Girl group Stellar, who is looking toward a July 11 comeback, has unveiled their album jacket photo and the name of their title song.

Stellar is making a comeback after about a year, making this new digital album highly anticipated for fans. The new single is titled, “Study, Please” (tentative English title; Korean “공부하세요”). The track will be a retro pop song with a catchy melody and bubbly lyrics.

The title song from the single album is produced by Sweet Tune, who also composed Infinite‘s “Be Mine” and “Chaser,” as well as Kara‘s “Jumping” and “Lupin.”

The choreography is produced by Yama & HotChicks, who worked with Kara on “Mister,” famous for the butt dance, and Girl’s Day‘s “Expectations” with its suspenders dance. According to the group’s agency, “The choreography will express how a woman opens her heart to a man.”

Stellar wil have their first comeback stage July 11 on “M!Countdown.”



YG Entertainment has just released the individual image teaser of 2NE1 through Naver today.

In the individual photos, the members are looking graceful, posing like goddesses who are enjoying their summer break.

Let’s hope that the MV teaser will come out soon.


source: naver

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