Xia Junsu (JYJ) Feat. Quincy – Incredible

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You’re so beautiful that you dazzle
My body is trembling, it feels like a dream
I can’t keep my eyes off of you for a second
So can I come see you tonight

Put your body in the wind and dance
A crazy magic that can’t be handled will start
I see you dance in the light

Something incredible, something so magical
Destiny’s miracle that the heavens have made
Something incredible, a melody of a miracle
You’re always beautiful, incredible

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Lee Hong Ki (FT Island), Fuiji Mina – Us Two (우리 둘이) We Got Married World Edition OST

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What should I wear? How should I do my hair?
My heart trembles on my way to see you

What should I say? I think of your smile
When should I hold your trembling hands?

Fall in love, fall in love
Look at my eyes, can you see my heart that loves you?
I will love, I will love
Do you hear me? Do you hear my heart for you?
We’re still shy and nervous but let’s never let go of each other’s hand

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Yoo Sung Eun (Feat. Bae Chi Gi) – Be OK

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They say it’s always like this, not anymore, no oh oh be a be alright
What’s the use of hanging on? I tell you to take care, not anymore, no oh oh be a be a

OK, my heart that felt like it would die
OK, I’m forgetting it as if it was a dream
I will know you nothing ever, I will know you nothing ever
Your heart, that I thought I knew, seems like a lie

Even without you, I’ll be OK
I want to forget the memories that linger
I can live well without you, I will meet a different guy
Beautiful my boy, I loved you, bye bye

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Xia Junsu (JYJ) – Reason

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Don’t bite me
Softly go over it
Like a sweet lollipop
Feel me

Tighten my belt
Because things are loosening up

Take out all nervousness
Fill yourself up with something else

You don’t need to smile
You don’t need to pretend to be pretty

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Xia Junsu (JYJ) – Rainy Eyes

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Oh, rain is falling out the window
Knocking on my heart, which you left
In my room, your scent scatters without end

Late at night, I get a phone call
Maybe it’s you and tears suddenly fall
I wish I could hear your voice just once
At least the sound of you breathing

I want to hear it tonight
I want you tonight
I close my eyes and think of you

I miss you tonight
I want you tonight
I open my mouth and say your name

Oh, there are raindrops welling up in my eyes
I love you so baby
I only have you

I can’t forget your number
Without knowing, I press it again today
Are you waiting like I am?
Or have you erased me?

I want to hear it tonight
I want you tonight
I close my eyes and think of you

I miss you tonight

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Xia Junsu (JYJ) – Chocolate Girl

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Wait a minute, something just flashed
When she, who is dazzling, passed by
Her dark skin is really perfect
She is like sweet chocolate

Wait a minute, I smell something sweet
Did you put on chocolate?
Stop tickling me and driving me crazy
You make me dream even more
It touches the tip of my nose, your sweet scent

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Xia Junsu (JYJ) Feat. Gilme – Confession (나 지금 고백한다)

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What did you do all day today? Why am I getting through to you just now?
I was looking for you since last night, I have something on my mind and I’ll tell you about it now

From friends to lovers, from friendship to love,
So baby, my lovely, actually, I like you

Us two, we’re having just another day where nothing’s different
Shyly but strongly, I want to tell you about my feelings
This isn’t a joke, although you might laugh
These aren’t empty words, this isn’t a lie, I want to make you mine

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