2NE1 member and solo artist CL appeared in photo shoot and interview for the July issue of “GQ Korea” and gave an in-depth look into her thoughts about the music industry, prejudices that Asian women face, and the difference between her stage persona “CL” and her real self “Chaelin.”

CL’s photo shoot was a raw and unadulterated look at the idol star.  In a set of photographs, CL drinks a cup of soda and spills it down the front of her white tank top.  CL  suggested the concept and saying that she thought images of a liquid spilling down her front would be aesthetically interesting.  In another set of photographs, CL appears stripped down and bare in keeping with the interview which revealed the idol’s unfiltered thoughts on various questions.

You’ve read what she said in the interview.  Check out the photos below.


CL_GQ-4_7.2013 CL_GQ-5_7.2013 CL_GQ-2_7.2013 CL_GQ_7.2013 CL_GQ-3_7.2013 CL_GQ-6_7.2013



2ne1 falling in love 1

After a year of absence, the girls of 2NE1 are making up for lost times lately as they gear up to show you more of themselves through broadcast as well as their ‘Double Park TV‘ coming up! But, ahead of all that, they’re inviting you to come watch a practice session for their latest song, “Falling In Love“.

The new song was accompanied by a colorful, frenetic music video filled with dazzling visual elements, but the girls take away all that this time around and let you focus on their choreography that goes along with the upbeat reggae inspired tune.

Check out the dance practice video below!


source: 2ne1@youtube

2NE1 – Falling In Love


2ne1 falling in love 1

Okay, Blackjacks. The wait is over as 2NE1 has released the music video for their new song “Falling In Love”!

As YG Entertainment had promised, the music video was released just now, right at 12 AM KST.  The girls are looking fun and cheerful as they are dancing for the boys they are falling in love with.

Let’s not waste more time and watch the official video below.

source:  2ne1@youtube, globalblackjack@twitter



YG Entertainment has just released the individual image teaser of 2NE1 through Naver today.

In the individual photos, the members are looking graceful, posing like goddesses who are enjoying their summer break.

Let’s hope that the MV teaser will come out soon.


source: naver


2ne1 falling in love title

It is time for Blackjacks to fall in love (again) with 2NE1 for the idol group is gearing up for their comeback.

Through YG Entertaintment’s official twitter, it was revealed that the title song will be “Falling In Love”. The teaser image shows the four 2NE1 members dressed in summer outfits with various funky prints, standing against a shoreline, looking bright and cheerful. Similar to yesterday’s teaser image, the photo also announces the dates of 2NE1′s planned “Inkigayo” comeback as July 7 and their new single release on July 8, or midnight on July 7.

2NE1 will be releasing a new track every month until October of this year, which totals up to 4 tracks. “Falling in Love” is reported to be a fun, summer track, and its music video is all filmed and ready to be released to the delight of many fans.

So, Blackjacks all around the world, are you ready to be falling in love with 2NE1?

2ne1 falling in love 1 2ne1 falling in love

source: ygent_official@twitter, krungy21@twitter



CL of 2NE1 has released the music video for her first solo single, “The Baddest Female.”

The song is written, composed, and arranged by Teddy and CL also contributed to the lyrics. According to YG Entertainment, the slow BPM 70 beat of the song is accented with dubstep, creating a powerful song that “will bring everyone to an unexpected hip-hop world.” “The Baddest Female” portrays CL’s unique color and style, apart from 2NE1.

YG Entertainment also added, “You will be able to understand the meaning of what CL has been describing as “bad” for years when the beat stops after you have been mesmerized by CL’s rapping.” The agency continued, “Please pay attention to whether she is simply talking about bad girls or if she is talking about transformed women in a changed society.”

CL is also said to have changed outfits 15 times for the music video.

Check out the music video here:


source: 2ne1@youtube, ygfamily.com

CL (of 2NE1) – The Baddest Female (나쁜 기지배)

CL (of 2NE1) – The Baddest Female (나쁜 기지배)



It is time for 2NE1 fans to go crazy! On May 17, YG Blog recently revealed a teaser image that commemorated the 4th year anniversary of 2NE1’s comeback. The teaser image had the exciting words “ARE YOU READY?” written on them.

This appears to be YG Entertainment’s first official statement regarding that on May 28 CL will have her first solo album release, and 2NE1 will soon be releasing a new single. 2NE1 recently finished a very successful world tour with the companyLive Nation.

A representative of YG Entertainment stated, “The teaser shows the strong determination of YG Entertainment’s CEO Yang Hyun Suk that 2013 will be a very good year of 2NE1. Just like, 2012 was an active year full of hits such as ‘I Am the Best,’ ‘Lonely,’ and ‘It Hurts.’”

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