B1A4 became denim models for a recent photo shoot for GQ Korea as they posed and held interviews before their standalone concert “Amazing Store” in August.

The B1A4 members exhibited great ambitions in many different fields. Leader Jinyoung commented, “Doing a lot of different things is a lot of fun. It’s fun to learn new things one by one.”

Baro, who originally dreamed of becoming an actor since high school, is currently filming “Answer Me 1994.”

Sandeul, who is currently taking up guitar lessons, commented how he wants to become a person who can comfort others through music.

Gongchan commented, “Being busy is more fun than resting. When we don’t have activities, I feel empty,” whileShinwoo said, “I think I’m at the age where I have the most passion.”

B1A4′s GQ Korea photo shoot can be found in the August issue.


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