Idol stars have been tapped to voice for animated characters once again. According to reports in local news agencies, 2AM‘s Jinwoon and Kara’s Han Seung Yeonprovided for voices of the lead characters of the film “Epic: The Legend of the Forest” for its Korean release.

“I was very happy to receive the news being cast for this film,” Han Seung Yeon said at the film’s showcase in CGV Cinema located in Apgujeong, Seoul on July 2. “I was especially happy to know that I am cast alongside 2AM’s Jung Jinwoon, as he is a real-life close friend with our group member Nicole. We are all friends with him and treat him like a brother.”

She continued, “When we were dubbing, we listened to each other. I thought that Jinwoon gave the character personality that is different from the Jinwoon that I know. I was surprised.”

Jinwoon, for his part, said, “It’s the same experience for me. I thought that Han Seung Yeon noona was really good because I had to remind myself to that it is she who is speaking when I watch the character.”

In “Epic,” Han Seung Yeon voices the lead character M.K., originally done byAmanda Seyfried. Jinwoon, meanwhile, takes over from Josh Hutcherson for the character Nod. The film follows M.K.’s adventures after she has been transported to a deep forest.


source: soompi


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