Seven-member boy group Infinite has released the Version B music video for “Destiny,” the title song from their latest single album of the same name.

The “Destiny” single album contains four songs: title track “Destiny,” “Inception,” “I’m Going to You,” and “Mom.” The title track is a dance song composed and written by Rphabet.

The music video for the title track was shot at Universal Studios in the U.S. and reportedly cost 10 billion won (around 900,000 USD) to produce and 10 days to film. It is directed by Hong Won Ki of Zany Bros.

The music video starts off calmly to explode with energy in the latter half with the Infinite members developing superhuman powers of strength, fire, etc.


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nfinite is keeping fans on their toes for their upcoming single, “Destiny!” After unveiling the tracklist and a MV making teaser, the boys have released an audio preview of the entire album single.

The title track, “Destiny,” is an upbeat track that’s sure to remind fans of Infinite’s popular hits like “Be Mine” and “The Chaser.” “Inception” and “I’m Going to You” are mid-tempo tracks while “Mom” is a ballad track that is sure to move fans.

“Destiny” is scheduled to drop on July 16. Listen to the preview below!


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Infinite is back! Shortly after unveiling a new logo, the boys have unleashed a teaser for their upcoming comeback titled “Destiny.”

It’s a complete turnaround of that gentle image fans saw in “Man in Love” as Infinite goes for a darker look that was last seen in “The Chaser” and “Paradise.”

As promised, the group has revealed snippets of a blockbuster music video that cost 10 billion won (around 900,000 USD) to produce. The boys traveled to America for 10 days and shot in various locations in California and Las Vegas.

“Destiny” is set to drop on July 16. As the boys prepare for their comeback, they are also gearing up for their first world tour, “One Great Step.”

Are you excited for Infinite’s comeback? Check out the teaser here!


source: wooliment@youtube

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