Kim Hyun Joong, who has recently come back with a new single, “Unbreakable,” has shown his strong charisma for a recent @star1 photo shoot.

This photo shoot took place in early July where Kim Hyun Joong displayed his casual yet chic and masculine beauty.

With Kim Hyun Joong’s great body line, his short hairstyle and a variety of casual yet manly outfits, he was able to create a rugged and dramatic atmosphere for the photo shoot.

It is reported that staff members were awed at Kim Hyun Joong’s professionalism. Sources commented, “Although the weather was bad and it was raining, Kim Hyun Joong focused on bringing each cut into life.”

Kim Hyun Joong’s @star1 photo shoot will be available through the August edition.

Check out the photos below! Also, check out the BTS video clip of this photo shoot on the way bottom!


at-star-1-kim-hyun-joong-2 at-star-1-kim-hyun-joong-1 at-star-1-kim-hyun-joong-4 at-star-1-kim-hyun-joong-5 at-star-1-kim-hyun-joong-6 at-star-1-kim-hyun-joong-7 at-star-1-kim-hyun-joong-8 source: atstar11@youtube



What a happy day for Henecians and Triple S! Kim Hyun Joong has released the music video for “Unbreakable”, a track from his upcoming album, “Round 3”.

The music video features Jay Park as a featured rapper. The song itself has a combination of a strong beat and traditional Korean sound. The music video is also powerful, blending traditional Korean music and modern hip-hop smoothly.

So, what are you reading for? Just click the play button below!


source: kimhyunjoong606@youtube



Henecians and Triple S, rejoice!

Kim Hyun Joong will be making a comeback later this month with his third mini album “Round 3.” A teaser was released to the joy of fans, teasing them with his muscular back.

On July 8, his agency stated, “Kim Hyun Joong will release all the tracks on the album on July 22 and will actively promote.” The last time he promoted was in October 2011 with his second mini album “Lucky.”

The official continued, “Just as how it’s been a while since he promoted within Korea, he will show the fans improved music through maturing in his skill.”

There will be six tracks in total and the title track, “Your Story,” is a remake of the title track of the same name from his Japanese studio album “Unlimited,” which was released last year. Originally written as a modern rock track, the song has been rearranged to emit the emotions of the R&B genre.

He is currently hard at work finishing up his album preparations.



hjl 2

As we all know, during his solo activities, Hallyu Prince Kim Hyun Joong has been showing his masculine and tough side. This time, he is giving an adorable fan service to his fans by showing the other attractiveness of his.

The leader of SS501 released a video of himself lip-syncing and dancing to kwiyomi song. It is a simple video, only Kim Hyun Joong and some of his friends in a coffee shop, playing around and of course, acting cute. At the end of the video, he watched the recording by himself while drinking a can of beer.

So, can you stand this real cuteness overload Kim Hyun Joong?


source: kimhyunjoong606@youtube

Kim Hyun Joong – 나 살아있는 건 (Why I’m Alive)

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Album: 나 살아있는 건
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2, 나 살아있는 건 (Inst.)


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