MR.MR – Waiting For You



Vocal idol group Mr.Mr. has made their comeback with their “Waiting for You” music video through the official LOEN Entertainment YouTube channel.

Mr.Mr. debuted in 2012 with “Who’s That Girl” and is different from most current idol groups by having only vocalists and no rappers. They are known for showcasing powerful performances with their catchy songs. They became known for their manly image, and for this comeback chose a more luxurious and mature image than their previous promotions.

“Waiting for You” is the title song of their mini album. The song has a familiar melody and a strong beat. The song shows the charisma of Mr.Mr. and is about waiting for a loved one to come back. The music video shows Mr.Mr. waiting for a beautiful girl who does what she can to get to them.


source: LOENENT@youtube

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