Scenery of Riding Bicycle (Jatanpung) – So That Is Why (그래서 그랬던거야) I Summon You Gold OST

Kim Yeon Ji – In My Eyes (두눈에, 두볼에, 가슴에) I Hear Your Voice OST

Lee Soo Young – Will It Reach You (닿을 수 있나요) Jang Ok Jung Live For Love OST

Choi Joon Young – Frozen Heart (얼음심장) Birth Secret OST

Sunny (Girls’ Generation) – The 2nd Drawer (두번째 서랍) The Queen’s Classroom OST

Every Single Day – Echo (I Hear Your Voice OST)

Min Hoon Ki – You In My Arms (그대여 내 품에) Nail Shop Paris OST

Ra.D – A Certain Heart Fluttering (어떤 설레임) Dating Agency Cyrano OST

Shin Cho Ah – Far Away (아스라이) Jang Ok Jung Live For Love OST

Jung Yup – Why Did You Come Now (왜 이제야 왔니) I Hear Your Voice OST

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