After teasing with a video teasers starring Rainbow‘s Jaekyung and Hyunyoung, A-JAX is finally here, ready to go “Insane” with their newest MV!

This MV’s concept is like that of the movie ‘Inception’ as it tries to convey a message that the members live in a fantasy of a world within another world.

So take a look and see if you can understand the message by taking a look at the video below.

source: LOENENT@youtube



Boy group A-JAX heralds their return to the music scene after seven months with the release of the music video teaser for “Insane,” the title song off their second mini album.

The music video features label-mates Rainbow‘s Jaekyung and Hyun Young, who have transformed into sexy nurses. In the music video, A-JAX member Seung Yub imagines the two ladies as his nurses in a psychiatric hospital, expressing the title of the group’s song literally.


source: dspAJAX@youtube

Rainbow – Kiss Me

Rainbow – Don’t Touch

Rainbow – Let’s Dance

Rainbow – I Will Wait (기다릴께)

Rainbow – Eenie Meenie Minie Moe

Rainbow – Chewing Time



With Rainbow‘s new mini album “Rainbow Syndrome-Part 2” set for release next week,  they have now revealed their first music video teaser for”Sunshine.”

The girls are continuing with a bright and colorful concept to match with the summer season.

Previously, the girls gained a lot of popularity with their energetic and lovely song “Tell Me Tell Me” in February.


source: OfficialTheRainbow@youtube

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