Wonder Girls’ member, Sohee has recently finished a photo shoot for SPA brand, 8seconds, as she was pointed as the muse of the brand. In the photo shoot, Sohee shows off her slim waist line and perfect body shape.

Short pants, tied-up top and crop shirt are perfect combination for this concept. Sohee brings out the sexiness in her without being cheap for this photo shoot.

This photo shoot is part of 8seconds’ summer campaign titled, “What’s Hot?” More photos and the CF clip will be released on May 9 through the brand’s official blog.

Check out the photos below!

8seconds-sohee-4 8seconds-sohee-3 8seconds-sohee-2



Wonder Girls’ member Sohee is featured in a new fashion pictorial showing off her natural charm in fashion magazine “Cosmopolitan.”

In this particular photo spread showing her girlishness and maturity, Sohee’s natural gestures and mood matched the diverse and practical denim looks she wore.

In the first look, Sohee stands out in a simple style of a plain button-down and blue skinny jeans.  Her kill-heels draw attention to her to-die-for long, slim legs.

In the second look, rolling up her the sleeves of her calico print shirt gives off an unaffected and natural air to her lady-like style.

In the last look, Sohee wears an urban denim one-piece whose point is a unique vertical zipper highlighting her slim body line.

Sohee’s pictorial will be featured in the September issue of Cosmopolitan.  To preview Sohee’s pictorial, don’t forget to click through the gallery on Soompi!  Listen to the Wonder Girls’ new single “Like Money ft. Akon.


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