Suzy transformed into a fashionable parisienne for a recent photo shoot.

Suzy displayed her elegant and alluring charms for a photo shoot that took place in Paris for “Bazaar” magazine.

Photo shoot sources stated, “Suzy is a normal and laidback girl but once the shoot starts, she shows an amazing acting skill and level of concentration to portray a feminine and mature atmosphere. It impressed all of the staff on the set.”

Suzy also talked about her recently ended MBC drama, “Gu Family Book” in the interview. She said, “The director didn’t ask many things from me but told me to do whatever I wanted. I think I can give off something more when I feel more free.”

Meanwhile, Suzy will appear as the youngest guest on “Healing Camp“s history on July 22. She stated, “I am only 20 years old but there are parts of my life that no one else knows and I think some people may want to hear about it.”

Check out Suzy’s beautiful photos below!


bazaar-suzy-1 bazaar-suzy bazaar-suzy-2 bazaar-suzy-3


Suzy (of miss A) – Don’t Forget Me (나를 잊지말아요) Gu Family Book OST

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Do you hear my sad monologue?
These words that blame you
The name that becomes pain when I call it
You, you, you

If you are smiling at thoughts of me sometimes
I won’t have any more lingering attachments
So don’t forget me, me, me
Please remember me, me, me

Farewell only comes once but why does longing come a lot?
I have never forgotten you for a single moment, I love you

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Suzy – 나를 잊지말아요 (Don’t Forget Me)

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Album: 구가의 서 OST Part 5
1. 나를 잊지말아요
2. 나를 잊지말아요 (Inst.)


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Son Ho Young reveals “Pretty But Hateful” MV feat. Miss A’s Suzy

Son Ho Young of legendary male group g.o.d marked his return to the music scene by releasing his MV for “Pretty But Hateful“!

With miss A‘s Suzy as the female lead, the music video expresses the story of a man left feeling hurt and betrayed after a girl he deeply loved left him. Son Ho Young was known for his strong vocals back in his g.o.d. days, and it’s clear that he’s still got the pipes to color a song with emotion.

Check out his MV below:

cr: asphodel@allkpop

video: youtube

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